Our Story

Behind Dynamoto are three motorcycling enthusiasts from Brisbane, Australia. Stephen Mcguiness, Stuart Black and Mark McSweeney are solving motorcycle storage issues worldwide.

In the beginning...

The Dynamoto journey began as a way of solving Stephen’s own storage issues, as he wanted access to his bike to be quick and easy and often got frustrated turning it in a tight space.

From here, mechanical engineer Stuart, jumped on board as they began developing the stand under his house in 2012. Stephen’s background in professional design along with Stuart’s expertise as a mechanical engineer resulted in the Dynamoto stand we see today.

Mark, a strategic business advisor to private businesses offered his knowledge in commercialising the product and quickly realised Dynamoto’s potential. An avid motorcycle rider himself, he was eager to join the team.

From its humble beginnings, Dynamoto has reached an international audience of motorcycle enthusiasts and is solving a genuine problem for many.

What is Dynamoto?

Dynamoto is a revolutionary motorcycle stand which allows multi-directional movement of your bike. The design holds the bike in a stable upright position for compact and safe storage.

Dynamoto makes adjusting your motorcycle easy and without the wrestling match. It also reduces the risk of dropping/bumping the bike which could result in expensive damage. Your bike is kept out of the way, and increases your storage capacity within your garage.

Dynamoto ships internationally so all motorcycle enthusiasts have access to our products.

Designed by Motorcyclists for Motorcyclists.

Where you step off your bike is no longer important. Dynamoto stands allow you to easily move the bike to an out-of-the way location: against a wall, between cars in the garage, or even through the doorway of a storage room. With the bike held in an upright position, the bike takes up even less space. And the removable handle on the rear stands lets you really tuck the bike into a corner. Next time you need it, the bike can be simply pulled out, rotated, and away you go.

The Dynamoto Quality Guarantee

Dynamoto are proud to offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee return policy on all purchases. If you purchase a stand and you're not impressed, you have 30 days to arrange for a return and refund.