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Dynamoto at the Moto Expo Melbourne

Dynamoto at the Moto Expo Melbourne

The Dynamoto team attended the Melbourne Moto Expo in November 2018, where we made our exhibition debut. The Expo was held over three days and was attended by more than 25,000 people, all of who were keen motorcycle riders (the perfect market for our product). It became clear to us early in the Expo just how valuable exhibitions are for small, online businesses like ours and wanted to share our experience with you. 

For any small businesses considering a trade show, we at Dynamoto highly recommend it. You can only show so much online, and often it can be hard to show customers the durability and quality of a product. During the Expo, we were able to demonstrate the Dynamoto stands and received a lot of positive comments about the ease of use, functionality and premium build. It also gave those interested an opportunity to touch, feel and test out our stands for themselves. Nothing beats physically interacting with a product to get a true idea of its quality.

What worked for us was the ability to demonstrate the stands. Demonstrating got more people engaged and excited to try the stands. Moving the bike on the stands attracted the attention of watchers, and we attracted big crowds over the course of the weekend. We were also encouraged because many enthusiasts spontaneously identified how the stands would be able to solve their own storage problems at home. This was a fantastic feeling, as the reason we developed our stands was recognized and acknowledged. Although the exercise for us was primarily a presentation and demonstration of our product, we were pleased to receive a number off on the spot orders over the three days. 

Trade shows are notorious for customer honesty which is why you will never see a dodgy brand at a trade show. It is the ultimate filter! We were really pleased to see potential customers appreciate the high-quality build and the uniqueness of our product. 

There were a lot of things we learnt from attending the Expo, and it proved to be a valuable research method. But mainly, it also provided us with an opportunity to get amongst the motorcycle community and talk to our consumers first hand to confirm what they wanted from our product. It was fantastic interacting with those at the Expo and the overwhelming support we received, especially when they were told one of the creators was manning the stand!

We can’t wait for our next Expo, and cannot recommend them enough for other small businesses who want to break into the market. As a result of the interest generated, we have been invited to attend more industry trade shows due to the innovation of our product and the interactive/engaging stand. 

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