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Dynamoto’s revolutionary motorcycle stand allows for multi-directional movement of your bike across surfaces such as concrete, asphalt & tiles. The design holds your Ducati Multistrada in a stable upright position for safe, compact and easy storage. This multi-directional motorcycle paddock stand suits the following models: 

Ducati Multistrada 1100 / 1100S | 1000DS / 1000S

Ducati Multistrada 1200/1200 S/1200 Pikes Peak | 1260 / 1260 S / 1260 Pikes Peak / V4 Pikes Peak  

Ducati Multistrada 950 | 1200 Enduro/1260 Enduro |  V2 / V2S / V4 / V4S / V4 S Sport 

Designed & manufactured in Australia, this Front & Rear Multi-Directional Moving Stand Set has a strong and sturdy construction and wheel design and easy, single-person operation.

Please see below information on selecting the right stand for your Ducati, and what other models our stands suit. If your bike is not listed, contact us, we are happy to help.

Selecting Your Stand

Select your model from the dropdown list. If your bike is not listed, please contact us; we’re happy to help.
A Set is a front stand plus a rear stand (two stands).
A Rear Stand only or Front Stand only may also be selected. Note: a Front Stand must be used in conjunction with a Rear Stand.

The Front Stand is a universal fit and is the same for all bikes listed.

The Dynamoto Single-sided Swingarm Rear Stand is supplied with a replaceable hub spindle for your particular bike, that may be easily swapped to suit a range of other makes and models with a single-sided swingarm.

The Dynamoto rear stand for Ducati Multistrada 1100 / 1100S | Multistrada 1000DS / 1000S is a single-sided stand using a 25.7mm stepped hub spindle, and is identical to the stands for:

Hypermotard 950 / 950 RVE / 950 SP | Hypermotard 939 / SP | Hypermotard 821 2013-2016 | Hypermotard 796 2010-2012 | Hypermotard 1100 / Evo 2007-2012 |
Monster 1100 / S 2009-2010 | Monster 1100 Evo 2011-2013
Monster S2R 1000 2006-2008 | Monster S2R 800 2005-2007 | Monster S4R / RS 2003-2008
Multistrada 1100 / 1100S | Multistrada 1000 DS / 1000S
848 / Evo / Corse
Streetfighter 848 2011-2015
916 | 996 | 998 | 748 S / SP / SPS / R 1994-2002

The Dynamoto rear stand for Ducati Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak | Multistrada 1200 / S (2010-2018) | 1260 / S / Pikes Peak is a single-sided stand using a 40.6mm hub spindle, and is identical to the stands for:

Diavel 1260 | Diavel 1260 S | XDiavel | XDiavel S | XDiavel Black Star
Streetfighter V2 | Streetfighter V4 | Streetfighter V4 S | Streetfighter V4 SP
Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak | Multistrada 1200 / S (2010-2018) | Multistrada 1260 / S / Pikes Peak
Panigale V2 Bayliss | Panigale V2 | Panigale V4 | Panigale V4 S | Superleggera V4
SuperSport 950 | SuperSport 950 S
Monster 1200 / S / R 2014 – 2021
1098 | 1199 | 1299 | Superleggera

The Dynamoto rear stand for Multistrada V4/S CURRENT | Multistrada 1200 Enduro | Multistrada 950 is a Double-sided Swingarm Rear Stand is suitable for a wide range of other makes and models – it is not unique to the make and model of your bike. Pickup spools (also called ‘bobbins’ or ‘cotton reels’) need to be fitted to the bike’s swingarm to interface with the hooks on the rear stand. Pickup spools/bobbins/cotton reels are NOT supplied with the stand kit but may be purchased for your particular bike from your bike dealer or aftermarket.

The Dynamoto rear stand for Multistrada V4/S CURRENT | Multistrada 1200 Enduro | Multistrada 950 is identical to the stands for:

Multistrada V4/S CURRENT | Multistrada 1200 Enduro | Multistrada 950
Monster (current 937) 2021-> | Monster 821 - 2017-2020
959 Panigale | 899 Panigale 2013 – 2015
999 | 749 S / R
Sport 1000 / Paul Smart 1000

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Increase Storage Capacity

Industrial Tough Multi-directional wheels allow full 180 degree rotation and precision sideways movement - bikes big and small, surfaces smooth and rough

- Easily manoeuvre and locate motorcycles
- Unparalleled convenience when you have multiple vehicles in storage
- Make it easier to work on, and maintain your motorcycle
- Safe, quick and easy single person operation 

Multi-Directional Wheels

Engineered to lift and move heavy loads across less than perfect surfaces including asphalt, pavers, pebble concrete, expansion joints etc.

Unlike traditional swinging caster wheels, Dynamoto Multi-directional wheels do not catch easily on loose surface material like stones and dirt.    

Dynamoto Multi-directional wheels do not swing like traditional caster wheels providing safe, predictable, instantaneous tracking in any direction - Move your bike sideways, tight against a car with mm precision.

Key Features


Revolutionary Design Constructured In Australia


Strong & Sturdy Steel Construction & Wheel Design


Move Freely With 360 Degree Movement Wheels

Easy Operational

Single Person Fitment & Operational

Motorcycle storage & movement
made easy with our revolutionary
multi-directional design.

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